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Partnership Brings Multi-Manager Investing to Customers

Ahli United Bank B.S.C., one of the Gulf’s leading financial services institutions, today announced the launch of their new partnership with Russell Investment Group (Russell), a pioneer of multi-manager investing for over 30 years, enabling them to bring world-class Multi-Manager services to pan-gulf private banking clients.

“The pan-gulf region has been experiencing a meteoric rise of asset prices. While many private banking clients have reaped handsome reward from investment in the region, the savvy investors are beginning to reassess the level of risk inherent in their portfolios, particularly with regard to concentration of exposure to particular markets and/or sectors,” said Fawaz Baba, Group Deputy CEO, Private Banking and Wealth Management of Ahli United Bank.

The new Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Service, from AUB Private Banking, gives access to investment opportunities from all regions of the world, across all sectors and asset classes to enable private banking clients to build a core investment portfolio that complements their regional investments.

When sourcing the best investments from around the world across all sectors and assets classes, it is not prudent for customers to rely on the skills of a single investment manager. Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Service uses approximately 50 of the best investment firms, hand-picked by Russell. The investment managers in Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Service include both world-renowned brands and smaller boutiques whose products are not widely available to private investors.

To cater for different investor attitudes towards risk, the Ahli United Bank Multi- Manager Service is a flexible plan that aims to match investor requirements to a particular portfolio. This gives customers the confidence that they are investing in a portfolio suited to their own needs. Portfolios are not only well diversified geographically, but also by asset class and investment style, so that customer’s can be confident that their requirements and expectations will be met.

“As part of our on-going effort to act as a ‘multifaceted financial bridge’ between the international financial market and its Gulf clients, Ahli United Bank is delighted to bring an investment partner of the highest caliber to our clients, and formally launch our partnership with Russell Investment Group. Russell is a perfect match for our requirements, and enables us to bring to our clients an institutional quality investment solution which is used by some of the world’s largest and most successful investors,” said Mr. Baba.

The Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Service benefits customers by taking into consideration the term they wish to invest for, the returns they desire from the investment, their appetite for risk and their personal circumstances. The multi-manager investment option is a truly personal customized investment opportunity that utilises specialists in their respective fields to provide forward-looking investment advice.

“We are very excited to be working with Ahli United Bank,” said Jon Bailie, Managing Director, Partnerships and Distribution Alliances, Russell.

“AUB has demonstrated a clear commitment to its private banking business, seeking out dynamic solutions which can be tailored to each client’s investment needs. This professional and refreshing approach was a key element in Russell choosing to work with Ahli United Bank,” Bailie added.

Through the Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Service, AUB customers will gain access to some of the best fund management talent in the world. Once carefully selected, the managers are then rigorously monitored by Russell, who will implement the individual investment strategies, and change management teams when necessary.

To obtain more information on the Ahli United Bank Multi-Manager Services, customers can call their private bankers at Ahli United Bank to arrange a confidential meeting.