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3D Secure Services

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3D Secure Services

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3D Secure Services

3D Secure service for AUB Debit and Credit Card holders

Enjoy peace of mind when you shop on the internet thanks to the added protection you get from AUB’s 3D Secure service. All you need to do is enter the One Time Password (OTP) you receive on registered mobile to complete the transaction online. Your AUB Debit Cards and Credit Cards can be used on all online merchants displaying the MasterCard® SecureCode ™ sign.


This is a service offered by Ahli United Bank (AUB) to their Card holders through MasterCard internationally known as “MasterCard® SecureCode™”

This service adds protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants. The 3D Secure service lets you use a One Time Password (OTP) with your AUB Card, giving you an added assurance that only you can use your AUB Card to make purchases over the internet.

No. All AUB Card holders are automatically enrolled for AUB 3 D Secure services. No need to register for this service.

While shopping online on a participating online merchant the Card holder selects the goods and services to be purchased and proceed to the payment page.

  • When you enter your registered AUB Card number, the online merchant will connect with AUB
  • AUB initiates a MasterCard® SecureCode™” pop-up window on your computer screen or mobile
  • Card holder will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on his/her register mobile number with AUB.

Card holder enters the correct One Time Password (OTP) to complete the transaction with the merchant.

When the card holder correctly enters the One Time Password (OTP) during a purchase at a participating online merchant, the card holder confirms his identity and the purchase is then authorized and completed.

If an incorrect One Time Password (OTP) is entered the transaction will not be completed. The maximum number of attempts permitted to enter the correct password is 3. This protects the card holder from unauthorized transactions on his card.

In case the card holder is unable to authenticate himself and exhausts the maximum number of attempts, the card will be blocked for the 3D Secure Service. To unblock your card please call the contact center on +973 1722 1999.

The One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile with Ahli United Bank. This OTP will never be revealed to the online merchant. The transaction will be authenticated by AUB and only an authorization message will be sent back to the merchant.

Most participating merchants will display the MasterCard® SecureCode™ logos on their site. However, even if you don’t see the logo and merchant is a participant the card holder will be prompted to enter the One Time Password (OTP).

As the name suggests, an OTP is for a single use only. This is a temporary password that is valid for approximately 10 minutes. In case the card holder does not complete the transaction within the stipulated time, the card holder will need to restart the transaction again. An OTP will only be sent to the registered mobile as per AUB’s records. Card holders are requested to update their mobile numbers in case of any change.

Card holder can update the mobile number through the AUB’s IVR system or Internet Banking. If you are not a registered user of the IVR, please register as soon as possible. All changes to your mobile number will be processed on the next working day.

The One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered quickly via SMS on your registered mobile number with AUB.

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