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Beyond business banking

At Ahli United Bank, we understand how diverse SMEs can be and hence, their diverse needs. From Fintech startups to established family businesses, SMEs can vary broadly and so will their interests, needs and identities. The path SMEs partake during their life cycle is no longer linear.

The standard isn’t enough for the varying needs of SMEs. Hence, we go beyond offering services to forming a community. Where your every need is met with the right partner. A community you can look towards for all answers and support for your business.

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No matter what stage of development your business is at, with Al-Tajer, you get all the support
you need to take it to the next level of growth.

Al-Tajer is a one-of-its-kind business solution with a range of services and access to a community of service providers offering greater expertise and preferential rates.

It is a one stop for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for information, banking, tools and
services that can help them build sustainable and competitive businesses. Not just limited to key banking features, the Al-Tajer community goes a step further to support SMEs to streamline their operation, reduce operational cost and meet their needs in the best way possible.

Online/digital banking with B2B

Secure and convenient platform for all your business transactions

  • Manage your accounts online – view balances, statements, transact and more
  • Supports your bulk payments – process vendor payments, payroll, and receivables
  • Support for processing of direct debit mandates
  • Get instant notifications of account activity
  • Customize your approval workflow & processing engine
  • Available on your mobile
  • Integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system seamlessly

Point of Sale

Expand your business by accepting Card and Wallet Payments

  • Enjoy ease of use with “Tap & Go” POS machines
  • Get next day settlements
  • Accept both international and domestic card payments

E-Payment Gateway

Give your customers an easy way to make payments on the internet

  • Increase your customer base – an additional channel to accept payments to grow your sales
  • Accept payments 24/7- your customers can make a purchase anytime from the comfort of their homes
  • Convenient for your customers – quicker payments and less waiting time
  • Accept secure transactions – protecting both the merchant and consumers from fraud

Deposit Card

Making deposits is now simple, quick, and easy

  • Make cash deposits anytime – allows deposits 24/7 at any AUB ATM
  • Save time and effort – no waiting for branches or teller lines
  • Deposit as per your schedule
  • Get real time credit – deposit instantly reflected in your account with notifications
  • No hassles – no need to fill deposit slips or worry about account number entries
  • The deposit-only card allows you to hand it to a messenger without the risk of withdrawals

Trade Portal

Explore trade opportunities and information that matches your business needs

  • Get easy access through B2B
  • Support for Letter of Credit, Stand By Letter of Credit, Export Letter of Credit
  • Support for Bank Guarantee facilities
  • Upload & save attachments to make documentation easy and paperless
  • Get Email notifications for all processing activities

Platinum Credit Card

Enjoy a credit card that provides you with the flexibility and exclusivity a business owner needs

  • Easy to qualify – as a business owner, it is easier for you to avail a credit card
  • Greater convenience – access funds quickly for purchases or cash withdrawal
  • Rewards and benefits – enjoy benefits such as airline discounts, airline miles, comprehensive travel insurance and more
  • Build credit – using a business credit card responsibly can be an easy way to build a positive credit report for your business. That in turn, can help you qualify for a loan or a line of credit, at a potentially lower interest rate, in the future.

Cheque Protection

Maximize the benefits of maintaining an average balance

  • Ensure you can cover upcoming payments up to BD 3,000/-
  • Utilize existing balance relationship


Let your money travel faster with Electronic Funds Transfer. It’s simple, easy and has many benefits.

  • Save time and costs – no printing costs. No waiting for delivery, collecting or depositing your funds.
  • Send/receive funds faster – no manual moving of cheques from one bank to the other
  • Safe and secure process. Eliminates the need to carry large amounts of money.

POS Lending

Get finance based on cash flows generated from your AUB Point of Sale

  • Allows you to access funds based on business performance without any collateral
  • Get Financing amount of up to an average of 3 months’ turnover
  • Quick approval and turnaround period
  • Attractive rates & fees

The Al-Tajer Community is a unique community that can address the various challenges faced by SMEs at different stages of their life cycle. Whether you require assistance during your business development, growth or digitization, the Al-Tajer community helps you connect with the right partner to accomplish your goals. It is a gateway which enables SMEs to give back to the community by helping other SMEs to grow. It is a thriving community that can contribute to a thriving economy.

  • Find your strategic partner – get access to a wide range of specialised service providers who have the expertise and experience your business needs.
  • Preferred customer, preferential rates – as a member of the Al-Tajer Community, you are eligible to get the services you need at preferential rates.
  • A growing community – the Al-Tajer community is dynamic and continuously growing to meet the different and evolving needs of the SME market. Its members are encouraged to nominate future strategic partners or become a partner within the community themselves.

Secured Loan

Maximise the benefit of available assets to drive your business forward

  • Access higher amounts of capital
  • Attractive rates and fees
  • Quick approval and turnaround period