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Commercial Banking

At AUB, we understand that as an SME, you face unique business challenges during starting and growing your business.

We have a dedicated SME team with relationship managers who understand SME needs and can tailor solutions to meet your business requirements.

Business Banking has been developed by AUB to provide a range of banking services for your SME business including its short-term working capital needs. It also provides access to a wide range of other solutions. Dedicated relationship managers are assigned to each relationship to provide you with personalised services.

At AUB, we are committed to help your business grow. If you have a successful track record of supplying goods or services to Government bodies or large companies, AUB can help finance your contracts. With attractive terms and simple documentation, Supplier Finance program will help your business expand.

So next time you win a contract, bank on AUB’s Supplier Finance to deliver.

If you are a supplier to Government or large companies and want to learn more about AUB Supplier Finance, please contact us on:

AUB can provide you with financing solutions for purchase of high value equipments, machinery or vehicles for your business needs. With flexible repayment tenors, you have the comfort of planning your cash flows to suit your business needs.

You can use the finance for:
Purchasing or upgrading machinery and equipment for your business requirements.
Buying vehicles for business use.

AUB can provide customised solutions based on your business requirements for:

Financing new office, showroom or warehouse
Finance construction and expansion of your existing business premises or development of new premises for your core business.
Finance purchase or construction of staff accommodation.

AUB School Fee Collection Service offers a ready made solution to educational institutions whereby students / parents deposit their educational fees directly at designated AUB branches, either through cash or cheque or as direct transfer from their account with AUB. By registering with this service, the educational institution can reduce the administrative work and costs associated with fee collection at its premises and can focus on its core activity of providing education. In addition, it eliminates the risk of cash handling.

AUB has partnered with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) since its inception. In addition to the dedicated AUB office at LMRA’s Sanabis headquarters, AUB has designed ‘LMRA Easy Pay’ service, which provides you with an efficient and secure solution for the payment of your monthly fees to LMRA.

Through this service, you will get a convenient, safe and timely mode for paying the fees that are due to the LMRA every month. AUB customers who sign up for the LMRA Easy Pay Service will not need to visit the LMRA office or an AUB branch to pay the monthly fees. Once you are an AUB customer, all that you have to do is just to sign up for the LMRA Easy Pay Services with the bank and inform the Bank about your monthly Invoice. AUB will pay LMRA directly from your account.

AUB Cash Collection Service is a solution for companies and businesses that deal with large amounts of cash on a regular basis. Under this service, AUB arranges for collection of cash and cheques from your premises and deposits it in your account at AUB in a secure way.

The service minimizes your risk of sending cash to the bank. Additionally the arrangement for collection of cash and cheques can be made at a time most convenient to you during any time of the day.

Paying salaries to your staff can take considerable amount of time of your Human Resources and Accounts Departments. AUB offers a convenient way to pay all your staff salaries, including those who do not have accounts with AUB, in a convenient and cost effective way.

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