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AUB E-Cheque

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AUB E-Cheque

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Fast. Simple. Secure

Now make payments through e-cheque with your AUB account.

An innovative solution that completely covers your paper cheque process to a digital process. This solution is legally empowered by the authority of Central Bank of Bahrain and technical provided by BENEFIT Company.

What is an Electronic Cheque (e-Cheque)?

A paperless cheque. Has the same functionalities and feature of the paper cheques:

Same legal power

Can be issued as post dated

Valid for 6 months from the date of the cheque

Can be used as a security or guarantee

Advantages of e-Cheques

More secured

More convenient

Full track of the entire cheque cycle

Full track of all issued cheques in the market

Cannot be lost or stolen

Cannot be counterfeit

Payee has the control of when to clear the cheque

Deposits can happen using electronic channels 24×7 as opposed to branch operation time.


If you are a registered BenefitPay user:

1. Your consent will be requested for e-Cheque registration upon opening the app.
2. Accept the terms to be able to proceed and click the new e-Cheque icon.
3. If the user’s IBAN registered in BenefitPay is not a current account this option will be disabled. In this case, the user can add an e-Cheque account by going to Manage Accounts and ‘add account’.
4. After the user has selected/registered a Current Account which can issue e-Cheque Books, the user can request for an e-Cheque book.
5. After the registration, allow 2 business day for the e-cheque book to be processed and to appear on the landing page.

If you are a non-registered BenefitPay user:

1. Download the BenefitPay app.
2. Then follow the registration steps as mentioned above.
3. On successful completion of all registration steps, users can request e-Cheque books, issue, deposit and receive cheques – all online!

Print and complete the 4 forms listed below:

1. e-Cheque Customer Registration Form
2. e-cheque Class Rules Request Form
3. e-Cheque Authorized Signatory Registration Form
4. e-Cheque Terms & Conditions Form


1. It is mandatory to complete all data fields in the forms.
2. Submit the signed forms to your Relationship Manager.
3. You will receive an email notification once the registration process at the Bank is complete.

Activation can be done as follow:

Upon completion of registration by the Bank, you will receive an Email from the e-Cheque System to download the e-Cheque App. For the Writers, they can access the e-Cheque Corporate Portal on the following link:

On successful completion of all registration steps, users can issue, request e-Cheque books, deposit and receive cheques – all online!

For further details, please call your Relationship Manager.

Terms & Conditions apply

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