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Contactless Payments (Tap & Pay) – FAQs


Contactless Payments (Tap & Pay) - FAQs


Contactless Payments (Tap & Pay) - FAQs

Personal > Contactless Payments (Tap & Pay) - FAQs

Contactless Payments (Tap & Pay) - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You will automatically receive a new Debit/Credit Tap & Pay card when your open a new Savings/current account or your existing Debit/Credit card expires.

There are many places where you can use your Tap & Pay card across Bahrain and the world. That includes retailers, shops and other establishment.

Very secure indeed, and certainly much more secure than carrying cash. Visa contactless cards use the same secure technology as Chip and PIN so you can feel totally confident when you’re using it to pay. There is a maximum amount of BHD 20 allowed per transaction and, from time to time, you will be asked to enter your PIN to verify you are the genuine cardholder.

Every Tap & Pay card contains a highly sophisticated, highly secure chip. This chip performs a wide range of functions to maintain the card’s security, and is able to interact securely with a contactless terminal.

For a transaction to take place, the Tap & Pay card must interact with a contactless acceptance terminal. To do this, it uses private or secret keys to generate one-time-only electronic signatures and cryptograms. That makes it just as a secure as a normal Chip transaction, where you also enter your PIN.

No. First of all, the card needs to be very close to the terminal (always less than ten centimetres and usually less than two centimetres) – so generally a touch of the card above the terminal is required to make the payment.

Also, in a typical transaction, the sales assistant has to enter the amount for you to approve first, and then your card has to be held within a couple of centimetres of the terminal for longer than half a second.

Although it looks very simple to make a transaction, Tap & Pay cards are protected in many different ways.

Each participating contactless bank sets a limit on the number or value of Visa contactless transactions that can be made before a cardholder is asked to do a normal chip and PIN transaction. Every now and then, you will be asked to verify your transaction with your PIN to prove that it is you in possession of your card.

And, just like any other card transaction, we are routinely looking out for any unusual transactions that may show that it is not you using your card. You will get the same level of protection as any other Debit or Credit transaction. And, if you notify us that your card is lost or stolen, we will block the card instantly.

If your card is lost or stolen you should notify us as soon as possible. If anyone has fraudulently used your Tap & Pay card to make a payment, providing you have complied with our General Terms & Conditions governing Accounts and Services, you will not be responsible for any losses incurred. This includes taking reasonable precautions to protect your card and letting us know as soon as you realise it’s gone.

Call anytime +973 1722 1999 to report lost or stolen card.

Remember, you are also able to automatically block use of your card yourself by logging on to our internet banking service and selecting the card number to be stopped on the Card Summary page. Please contact us if you have not yet registered for this service.

No, your data is safe. Only your bank can update or change the data on the card.

No. The contactless technology has ‘anti-collision’ features; this means that if two cards are held to a terminal only one payment will be processed.

If the contactless reader detects more than one card, you may be asked to select the one you want to use. Or, in some cases, the entire payment may be cancelled.

If you do have more than one contactless card, it’s always best to present the one you want to pay with to the terminal – and leave the other in your purse or wallet.

No. You can only pay once for any transaction. The terminal will not accept two payments for one purchase – just like if you were using Chip and PIN.

How can I apply for Contactless Payments?

Click on the Apply Now for registration or for more information click on Tell Me More.

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