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Ahli United Bank to achieve the dream of a Bahraini lady… RABB MANSOUR WINS MyHassad Grand Prize of US $ 500K

Ahli United Bank (AUB) has recently announced the winner of its prestigious award for the award winning, Rabab Mansour, a Bahraini housewife.

“I never expected to be one of those lucky winners in the draws as I’ve been an AUB client since long years and held those certificate since 2011 when I purchased it from Madinat Hamad branch where I have been living with my children and I have been reluctant to withdraw the cash,” said Mrs. Rabab. What prevented me from doing so, was my feeling that luck would definitely follow me one day”.

“When I was contacted to get informed about winning the award, I couldn’t believe myself when the branch manager was informing me about winning the quarterly grand prize of US$500K, as I couldn’t hold my breath especially that my kids were always pushing me to return that certificate and get my cash back”.

“I am planning to buy a house for my family,” Rabab said. “It has always been a dream for me for years. Thank God, this dream has been achieved recently.”

It is worth noting that Mrs. Rabab won one of the monthly prizes of BD1, 000 last year. She is therefore grateful to AUB for winning two times so far.

MyHassad – the biggest award prizes program in the kingdom of Bahrain – has successfully registered the largest number of winners and the largest number of awards compared to any other savings program in the Kingdom. Since its inception, MyHassad has offered cash prizes exceeding BD67 million Bahrain for more than 16 thousand winners from its customers.

AUB recently announced the launch of the new version of the popular savings program, “MyHassad”, which is being launched again this year with a series of prizes, the largest in Bahrain with a total of more than US$ 8 million, which will be topped by the “MyHassad Millionaire” award, which will award one million US dollars to one winner in the draw to be held later this year for this prestigious Grand Prize.

In addition to this grand annual award, the bank also disclosed the details of the new periodic draws on several of the weekly, monthly and quarterly awards and special Eid awards that were created to provide the Bank’s customers in Bahrain with a more lucrative season for cash prizes and opportunities to win more and more than ever before.

The new season will start with a weekly draw of a US$25,000 allocated for customers in Bahrain and a further BD20,000 in a weekly draw to provide more win-win opportunities for the widest segment of customers throughout the year.

This year’s “MyHassad ” program also targeted its customers with a monthly prize of BD100,000 (US$265,000), which increases in value every three months to the US$500,000 Grand Prize, as these prizes were designed to grant them with financial freedom to realize their dreams and ensure their financial stability.

In order to qualify for the draw, each balance of BD50 entitles the holder to one chance to participate and win in the draws. The higher the amounts you save and the longer period you maintain them, the greater the chances of winning the prizes.