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Conventional Accounts

Ahli United Bank recognizes that different people have different banking needs, which is why we have a range of accounts offering a variety of benefits.

Savings accounts are available for Bahrainis and expatriates alike. Just complete a simple application and be ready to provide the following.

•  CPR

•  Passport

•  One of the largest Branch networks in Bahrain with 22 Branches providing easy access.

•  Internet Banking

•  Market leading B2B online service

•  The platform conforms to all the regulatory requirements, international standards, and industry best practices.

•  Payments made on the B2B system, to accounts within AUB, do not incur any transfer charges.

•  Automated salary processing will result in saving time.

•  Automated payments processing results in an overall effort saving time required to process vendor/supplier payments on cheques / other paper instruments.

•  My Global service provides clients a unified view all their accounts across accounts in AUB group countries.

•  Cash pick-up service available.

You can have a choice of opening your accounts in BHD, AED, SAR, OMR, KWD, USD, GBP, EUR & CHF


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