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Important Announcements

Important Announcements

Important Announcements

Due to the current situation caused by Corona Virus, Ahli United advises you to stay safe and take the necessary precautions.








Branch operating hours update

In view of the CBE announced new operating hours, effective 25 March 2020, Ahli United Bank – Egypt Branches’ working hours will be from 9:30AM to 1:30PM.

You can also carry out most day-to-day banking transactions by accessing your account(s) any time using My e-Bank.

For your safety, AUBE is following health assurance procedures by keeping distance between clients during branch visits.

Debit / Credit Cards’ limits enhancement

• You can make cash withdrawals from non-AUBE ATMs using your Debit Card for free.

• Cards’ daily cash withdrawal limit has been set to be EGP 5,000. Its better to mention that limit determined by regulatory

• Contact-Less Card Transactions had been increased to be EGP 600 per transaction

• All AUBE Prepaid Cards are Free of Charge for the coming 6 months (till end of Sept 2020)

• Maximum Cash Deposit Over ATM is EGP 5,000 Daily

For your safety, please wear disposable gloves and/or spray hand sanitizers upon using ATMs.

Bank from home

My e-Bank

You can manage most of your day-to-day banking using online banking without having to leave home. You can perform transfer within your account / transfer to other AUBE accounts / local transfers, pay your credit card, request to open a deposit, and many more.

If you aren’t yet registered, you can self-register through the website and contact the Call Center to activate your service.

Mobile Wallet

Safely and securely perform financial services using mobile phone application, enjoy the following services:

• Free transfer to other wallets

• Free deposit / withdraw using other banks’ ATMs

• Perform all your bill payments / donations

If you aren’t yet enrolled / requested the service, you can contact the Call Center or send a secure message using Online Banking if you maintain account with the bank and request to be enrolled to the service.

For your safety, use AUB online and mobile wallet services to conduct all your transactions safely and securely at home.

Credit facilities 6 months installments’ suppression CBE initiative

For Personal Finance 6 months installments’ suppression: this initiative is not exclusive for personal finance its for all facilities and loans (including credit cards as you mentioned)

• All loans and interests will not be deducted for 6 months

• No delay fines will be calculated on amounts that have not been paid

• But the interest will be added monthly for a period of 6 months to be paid over the remaining loan tenor

If you wish not to benefit from the above initiative , you may contact the Call Center

For Credit Cards’ 6 months installments’ suppression:

• All credit cards installments will not be deducted for 6 months.

• No delay fines will be calculated on the amounts that have not been paid

• But the interest will be added naturally to the amount owed.

If you wish not to benefit from the above initiative , you may perform the payment using Online Banking, Deposit through ATM, or contact the Call Center

For your safety, AUB is adhering to CBE instructions so you might defer bank visits due to current situation.

Beware of Fraud

Some criminals are using the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to scam the public. This includes offering medical products, guidance or a safe haven for money. Remember, we will never ask you to move money to a safe account.

Don’t logon to your bank account through public Wi-Fi networks so that your accounts are not compromised and stolen, please use your bank accounts and conduct your financial transactions from your home device.

Review your accounts and financial transactions with your bank to ensure that no transactions other than you have performed are reported, and report any other violations to your bank immediately.

Don’t share personal information like your card number, PIN, expiry date, CVV (3 digit number on the back of your card) or OTP (One-Time Password) with anyone. For any assistance, you may reach out to us through any of our channels.

For your safety, please contact our hotline when support is needed and avoid disclosing any secret information through phone.