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Pearl Points

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Pearl Rewards

Redeem your pearl points everywhere

It is a program grant the cardholder (1) point for every (EGP 100) spent on purchase transaction all over the world, in which AUBE cardholder can use these points to receive a lot of benefits and privileges anywhere

* Earning points from any of AUBE cards (Debit / Prepaid and Credit cards).

* Usage for any card type increase pearl points collected for same cardholder.

*Pearl Points can be redeemed at various merchants locally and internationally

Product Type Points
Debit Visa Electron 1 Point for every EGP 100
MasterCard Platinum 2 Points for every EGP 100
Prepaid Internet 1 Point for every EGP 100
Youth 1 Point for every EGP 100
Gift 1 Point for every EGP 100
Payroll 1 Point for every EGP 100
Credit Classic 1 Point for every EGP 100
Gold 1 Point for every EGP 100
Platinum 2 Point for every EGP 100

All Ahli United Bank – Egypt Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards

It can be exchanged for the below options:

* Purchase from any merchant of your chose Locally or Internationally.

* Air Miles for frequent flyers.

Mobile minutes

* Gift vouchers at variety of merchants.

* Settlement of Card renewal fees.

Cash amounts to be credited to card balance

Cardholder is automatically registered in the program once the card is issued .

Yes, subject that all issued cards belongs to the same cardholder

2 years from earning date.

* By calling AUBE call center 19072 or.

* Through Pearl Points statement send on cardholder email address on monthly basis

Yes, all Pearl Points are cancelled upon card cancellation.

Yes, supplementary cards will be automatically included in the Pearl Points program. The points will be added to the primary card .

No, points cannot be re-exchanged after redemption.

Terms & Conditions

* Redeemed Pearl Points are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable, redeemable or transferable for cash money in hand, other Rewards or points under any circumstances, in addition that any points cannot be converted back into cardholder program account in case of redemption.

* Any additional travel or accommodation or arrangements made in connection with any Reward will be the sole responsibility of the cardholder.

* Pearl Points Vouchers may not be combined with any other promotional offers from any participating merchants.

* Pearl Points are not valid toward previous purchased and cannot be used as payment on existing account balances with the participating merchants.

* Pearl points accrued will be forfeited immediately in case of card cancellation.

* Pearl Points accrued in any program account do not constitute property of the cardholder and are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other program account.

How can I apply for a Gold & Classic Card ?

Click on the Apply Now for application.

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