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“Tharwa ” fund is a money market fund, which is an investment vehicle that provides you with daily liquidity through daily subscription and redemption.

The main investment objective of the fund is to provide stable income through daily accumulated return to the investor by investing in money market instruments and fixed income securities.

Fund Manager

EFG Hermes Asset Management

Investment guidelines: 

* Up to 100% in Treasury bills.

* Up to 100% in cash and Deposits.

* Max 30% in other money market funds .

* Max 40% in Repos .

Weighted average duration of Fund underlying investments should not exceed 150 days.



Daily Accumulated Return,
provides high liquidity

Return from the Fund
is tax exempted

No Subscription or
Redemption Fees

Subscription and redemption
is until 12:00 PM

Low/Conservative Risk Profile


* Same day till 12:00 PM.

* No Subscription Fees .

* Daily (T+0) before 12:00 PM.

* Minimum Subscription for new Investors is 30 IC’s (30 IC’s X IC value) .


* Same day till 12:00 PM.

* No Redemption Fees.

* IC Holders or their representative who hold a power of attorney can redeem some or all of their IC’s from any of the Ahli United Bank’s branches. These requests are settled on the same day, subject to be submitted prior to 12:00 pm, based on the IC price announced on the that day.

How can I apply for a Tharwa ?

Click on the Apply Now for application.

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