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My Premium Loan

A loan for when you need it most

My Premium Loan is a variable Interest Rate Loan product, with a drop down limit structure that enables you to easily make repayments in excess of scheduled instalment amounts or when you have surplus funds, in order to reduce your interest outflow

The interest rate is linked to benchmark rate + margin

The structure allows you the flexibility to withdraw such excess payment amounts at any time to meet any cash emergencies

Top up availability up to 2 times per year

Availability to buy out loans from other banks



With Ahli United Bank (Egypt), you can benefit from maximum financing up to EGP 1,000,000.

Interest calculated daily on the debit outstanding balance. Payments over the scheduled monthly installments reduce the debit interest.

With a repayment period up to 5 years, managing your finances will be so much simpler.

We know that your needs are unique, so we’ll tailor a loan that fits your budget and your schedule.

How can I apply for My premium loan?

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