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Saving Certificates

3 Years Saving Certificates

The three years saving certificates include three types of saving certificates which are; Floating Credit with monthly interest, Accumulative Return Credit, and Floating Credit with quarterly interest.

loating Credit with monthly interest is available for individuals and corporations.

Accumulative Return Credit is available for individuals only.

Floating Credit with quarterly interest is available for individuals only.


Calculating interest starts from next day of the purchasing date.

Ahli United Bank (Egypt) Credit Card

Lending up to 90% of the credit amount

Mother has the right to open an account in the name of her minor child

Liquidation of the credit upon customer request after 6 months

Sanabel Al Kheer

Sanabel Al Kheir, a pioneer financial product offered by Ahli United Bank (Egypt) with the option to donate the interest to the to Children Cancer Hospital Foundation (57357) account on quarterly basis. With a minimum deposit value of LE 500 and a minimum deposit time of three years the client can donate and retain the value of the certificate after the three year period.

How can I apply for Saving certificates?

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