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AUB Egypt Social Media Rules

AUB Egypt Social Media Rules

AUB Egypt Social Media Rules

Thanks for your trust in Ahli United Bank, you can reach us on our social media platforms throughout the below links with 24/7 availability. Our team will respond to all inquiries the soonest we can.

We welcome inquiries and constructive feedback, hence the below rules are created to keep your participation safe and secure.

Our page moderators has the right to ban members moreover hide/report/delete any comments/messages that has to do with violating public policy guidelines, including any words that may harm the bank/staff reputation in a direct or indirect way.

Below are some sorts of content we may find inappropriate to appear on our social media pages.

• Any attempts or questions that aims to collect data from AUB customers

• Spreading rumors/ Sharing confidential data

• Personal data belongs to yourself/ others (contact/ bank account/ credit card) details

• Words that may harm a person or a community

• Words that may bear racism and aggression against races/ religions/ gender/ disability or any sexual/ political context

• Links to sexual content/ Links to pages/groups / channels owned by others

• Discussions on activities/ content off the page topic and purpose

• Spam messages/ links that may contain viruses

• Commercials/ competitors’ promotions/ referrals to other brands (Banks)

• Copyrights violation

Your participation on our social media pillars matters to us however it doesn’t represent our policy or philosophy. Provided contacts and voluntary suggestions might be used by our team for marketing purposes in future campaigns with no obligation on AUB to get back to participators for approvals.

All rules are based on community guidelines and in adherence to Central Bank of Egypt regulations.

AUB Egypt Social Media Rules and Regulations (Arabic)