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Contactless Debit Cards

All new Ahli United Bank (UK) PLC cards are now Contactless

This means that there is no need for you to enter your PIN, or sign, for everyday purchases under £30. You simply touch the reader with your contactless card and the transaction will be completed in seconds.

You can use Contactless wherever you see the symbol , both inside and outside the UK. It is accepted in many retail stores and restaurants as well as on buses, trains, taxis and the Tube.

Contactless payments are safe and secure, and you are 100% protected against fraud if you have complied with our General Terms & Conditions Governing Accounts and Services, including taking reasonable precautions to protect your card and letting us know as soon as you realise it may be missing. For extra security we may occasionally prompt the Merchant to ask you to enter your card into the card reader and input your PIN number, so that we know it is you using the card.

If you are registered with us to receive SMS transaction messages to your mobile phone or emails, Contactless transactions will appear in exactly the same way, so you will know if someone is using your card. If you do not recognise any transactions, please call us immediately on the Fraud hotline +44-20-7487-6679 so that we can stop your card.

Remember, you are also able to automatically block use of your card yourself by logging on to our internet banking service and selecting the card number to be stopped on the Card Summary page. Please contact us if you have not yet registered for this service.

Should you not want to use your card for contactless transactions then you simply choose to insert your card into the chip reader as normal, and you will be prompted to input your PIN. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

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